Grech Heating & Cooling is located at 630 Waterdale Road in Heidelberg. We specialize in ducted heating, ducted refrigerated airconditioning, add on, evaporative cooling, hydronic heating, ventilation systems, split systems & servicing supported by renowned brands associated with this.

Our installations and servicing have been carried out throughout the suburbs of Melbourne since 1974 and identifies our expertise in this industry.

Started in 1974, Grech Heating & Cooling Systems is 100% Australian, family owned and run business. We are committed to give our customers the best top quality brands, honest sincere advice and great quality service.

We work on the motto of “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. Our choice of the top quality brands allows us to give our customers the best advice of products to suit your life-style and budget.

Grech Heating & Cooling offers our customers a ten year warranty on workmanship which guarantees our customers a peace of mind assurance.

We offer supply only, install and service maintenance for all major brands in the industry. An authorized service agent for Lennox, we also deal with all the spare parts and planning and designing ducts for your house.

"the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

Our Services

Supply, Fit Services (one stop shop)

Grech Heating & Cooling Systems is a service agent for some of the leading brands. We also service all makes and models of heating, airconditioning, hydronic systems, evaporative coolers and repairs and replacement of ducting.

We offer supply only, install and service maintenance for all major brands in the industry. An authorized service agent for Lennox, we also deal with all the spare parts and planning and designing ducts for your house.

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heating and cooling service

Gas ducted heating

Gas Ducted central heating is the most efficient way to heat your entire house. Depending on the construction of your home and space availability the heating furnace is positioned either inside (ceiling space) outside or underfloor with the fan forced warm air being distributed by diffusers or floor vents strategically placed into each room. The heating unit draws air from inside your home into a return air grille, which then flows into the heater where it is warmed, and then on to every room of your home via outlets (ducts), in the form of warm, gentle air.

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Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating works by using the efficient transfer of heat through water. Since water conducts heat more easily than air, less energy is used to spread heat throughout the house. A heat source such as a boiler transfers heat through pipes that are connected to wall panels or placed underneath your floor. These pipes transfer heat to the walls or floor of a room, which then radiates heat waves throughout your house. As a source of radiant heat, a hydronic system warms the surfaces it touches much like the sun's rays. The surface then becomes a radiator, extending the heat in every direction and creating clean, even and comfortable warmth.

We offer supply only, install and service maintenance for all major brands in the industry. An authorized service agent for Lennox, we also deal with all the spare parts and planning and designing ducts for your house.

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Evaporative cooling

A central cooling unit (placed on top of the roof) and connected to a series of outlets strategically placed throughout our home these outlets (ducts). The diffusers placed in the ceiling of the home which enables cool fresh air through out the home. The hotter the day the better the cooling affect, the fan in the cooling unit draws air from the outside it then passes through the moistened wet pads where the air is cooled and filtered throughout the home. Evaporative cooling is the healthier option as it replaces the stale air with clean fresh air many times an hour keeping windows and doors open.

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Humidifiers can be installed on any ducted heating and cooling system. A humidifier is a device that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or an entire building. In the home, point-of-use humidifiers are commonly used to humidify a single room, while whole-house or furnace humidifiers, which connect to a home's HVAC system, provide humidity to the entire house. Medical ventilators often include humidifiers for increased patient comfort. Large humidifiers are used in commercial, institutional, or industrial contexts, often as part of a larger HVAC system.

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Carbon monoxide testing and gas heater servicing

A bill has been passed in Federal Parliament with overwhelming support after brothers Chase & Taylor Robinson from Mooroopna, Victoria died of carbon dioxide poisoning generated by the gas heater in their rental property.

The bill requires all residential properties with gas appliances (Gas heaters, stoves etc.) be fitted with carbon monoxide alarms to alert occupants of potentially deadly gas emissions - the invisible poison.

The timing surrounding the implementation of this legislation is still unclear and governing bodies are yet to determine exact requirements and specifications regarding the number of alarms, location of alarms and exacting Australian Standards regarding which alarms will be satisfactory for the application.

Energy Safe Victoria have implemented a campaign recommending that gas appliances be regularly tested for carbon monoxide leakage and that they be serviced at least every two years to ensure they are working correctly. Where carbon monoxide leakage is detected, by law these units will be shut down immediately.

We strongly recommend that homes should be proactive in ensuring that they are protected against this odourless and invisible deadly gas.

Carbon monoxide alarms are available here for purchase

carbon monoxide testing

Ducted split system

By having ductwork that is similar to a gas ducted heating system, ducted split systems provide both heating & cooling via ducting located underfloor or in the ceiling space.


Exhaust fans are used to expel air from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens.

Refrigerated A/C add on

These are airconditioned add on to an existing heating system


What our clients are saying:

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my urgent call today for heating repairs at Fairfield. I often feel like customer service is non existent anymore but you have restored my faith that it's still out there! I know most of the calls that you receive are considered urgent by your customers however I particularly appreciate the extra effort today since I have a little 18 month old boy at home sick with a chest infection and a freezing weekend at home would not have made him any better. So you have certainly put a smile on his face. I look forward to recommending your business in the future. Thanks again for your considerate and effecient service.

Roslyn Johnson

Thanks for the great service and quote. I am impressed with the level of advice and customer service displayed by the company. The service tech arrived on-time and was able to get the heating working with a repair to the circuit board. I'm very happy that I do not need to replace the heating unit. I will be using Grech for all heating/cooling that I will ever need in the future and will tell everyone to use them as well. Thanks again

Brendan Tilson

Hi Christina,
Thank you very much for your excellent service/job provided in regards to my property. I was recommended to use you by my partner Michael from Love Real Estate Preston. I have passed your details onto all the staff in my office as I recommend they use Grech.

CarolinePortfolio Manager

Extremely good and reliable, turned up on time, delivery on time, clean professional service men. It was a pleasure doing business with them. Got on with the job I had two big units installed they worked well and had the job done in no time at all. I would recommend this business to everyone.

Hilda Aurish

I just wanted to put a note to say how pleased I am with the service and installation of our new external heating unit. The lads arrived bright and early and had the unit up and running in no time. They cleaned up, took the old unit away, and were overall very efficient. We live just around the corner from Grech in Thornbury and always try and use local businesses where possible. Thanks again...very happy and very warm.


Thanks to Frank, Phil and sidekick (sorry I don't remember his name) and John for professionalism, customer service, promptness and a job well done.

Sue Jacobs

Thank you to all those involved in installing our new heater last Monday, your company provided excellent service.

Jan Gilbertson

Phil and Sacha have done a great job. Feedback to them and to you: job prompt, men courteous and efficient - I'd be happy to recommend Grech! Hope Grech gets more work here at 422.

Susan FullagarMelbourne


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